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Welcome to My Hit and Run Journey

I am a hit and run survivor. I decided after doing many weeks of research looking for experiences involving hit and runs that my story may be helpful. My intention is to provide information, support, and hopefully empowerment to victims of these life changing events. I will work slowly from beginning and catch up to where I am at today.

My name is Violette Gibbs and I was hit by a vehicle while I was jogging on the Cross Seminole Trail in Winter Springs, Florida. I was knocked unconscious by the impact and left on the road. The time was 1:00 pm on February 20th 2017. My body was found by a couple on their way home, they called 911 and I was picked up by an ambulance and taken to ORMC Orlando. The person who hit me went to police later that day and said that he had hit "something" . This person has been arrested and charged with a felony (leaving the scene with serious bodily injury). This person has "lawyered up" and all is still floating in the air. There are no witnesses and the vehicle this person was driving was not in his/her name and they have no insurance. The reconstruction officer for the scene put together that the suspect ran the stop sign on Tuscora Rd. at 30 mph, hit me, and then left the seen. I was hit and then run over, my lower leg taking the brunt of the accident. Here is my story.

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