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The big reveal.

March 8th 2017,

Today is the day! I get to see what's underneath this white soft cast. After new X-rays, I wait patiently in the Dr.'s room at the ORMC for the update status of the reconstruction. A nurse comes in to peel back the fluffy cushion that protects my leg from any outside discomfort. It peels back. Horrified is an understatement. The shock of seeing a part of your body looking like a science experiment and its inspiration for horror sinks you deep into your seat and your breath leaves the body. My brain was not ready. Tears poured out and the panic once again came into my heart. All gets more real... hope, worry, and the nickname Franklestein all appear in thoughts. I take a moment to gather. This is what a surgery typically looks like... I just have never seen it.

My surgeon Dr. Munro (whom I did not get to meet) does his assessment. He checks the staples, the swelling and the x-ray... " All looks really good", he says and then leaves the room. The bed side manner of surgeons I guess? He would later repeat this smooth move throughout check-ups and eventually adopts the name Dr. Exit. The PA comes in with the PT to answer questions and to go over the rules... I get a boot ($700) and a sock (free) and was recommended a scooter. My staples will stay in for another two weeks and elevation and ice for my leg when sitting (the boot can come off) so the swelling can continue to go down.

That was my first experience as a patient recovering from surgery. The reveal ended as I was patched up and placed in my boot. I will return for staple removal in a few weeks and was advised to sit and rest. The image and emotion will forever be etched... I have so much empathy now for the recovering patient. A mourning begins for a part of you that once was.

My Journey as a hit and run survivor.

A week ago I decided that it’s time to blog my experience. My intention is to share my experience in hopes that I can provide valuable information and empowerment to any victims of a hit and run accident.

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