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May the 4th be with you

May 4th 2017

I received my "sky walker" today. I took my first steps using a walker on my new reconstructed lower right leg. I wanted to walk for hours but only made it a few steps.

The steps will be painful and the rehab process will require even more patience then in previous months. I am a very active person, so the go ahead, stop, wait, rest, repeat becomes a frustrating cycle.

I started with my stationary bike for 60 minutes each morning.

Followed by gentle yoga stretches and range of motion exercises for my ankle.

I went to Physiotherapy in Casselberry, Florida to improve and increase

the actions of my foot and develop my gate once again. I would walk for time increments, starting at 5 minutes in a row and eventually 15 after the first 3 weeks.


I developed a routine and began to come back to life. I started teaching and taking yoga here and there again, modifying the poses to fit my new body. I was feeling confident but also feeling like something wasn't right. The pain was getting worse and worse. I was able to walk for only short periods and by the time the day was over, I needed to ice and elevate and take a pain killer. I eventually invested in a cane to aid in the movement and just accepted that this would be my new life. The force was strong in my lower leg... an excrutiating painful force that is.

My Journey as a hit and run survivor.

A week ago I decided that it’s time to blog my experience. My intention is to share my experience in hopes that I can provide valuable information and empowerment to any victims of a hit and run accident.

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